St. George's Episcopal Church, Schenectady, NY * St. George's Episcopal Church, Schenectady, NY

Construction started at St. Georges on April 28, 2008. Our flooring was replaced, pew doors were painted, and the rug around the altar was replaced. We moved back into the church in mid July. These pictures depict the projects from start to finish.

Our next big construction project is to update the Rectory before we complete the search process for a new Rector. We expect to update the kitchen the bathrooms, and do a lot of painting.

View from altar down center of church

Completed floor work and repainting of pews.

Front center of church

Completed work.

Epistle view of finished work.

Epistle view of completed work.

Choir loft staircase with new runner.

New carpet runner up stairs to choir loft complete.

Altar area new rug completed

Completed work on the altar area rug.


All of the pictures below this point show the work in progress. The pictures above are the finished work.

Altar area rug almost complete

Rug installation around altar almost complete.

Almost finished tilework in Lady chapel

Almost finished tilework in Lady Chapel looking toward main altar.

Altar area with rug removed

Altar area with rug removed.

Front of church with floor tile complete

Front of church with new floor tile complete.

Lady Chapel with new floor tile complete

Lady Chapel with new floor tile complete.

Floor near altar rail

Flooring complete in front of altar. Scaffolding for ceiling paint in background.

Floor on gospel side near completion

Flooring in gospel side aisle complete as of May 17th.

New tile gospel aisle

The new tile as laid in the gospel aisle as of May 8th..

Temporary chapel for services in Great Hall

Our temporary chapel in the Great Hall.

Floor tile removed from the Lady Chapel.

Floor work across the altar toward pulpit

Underlayment for the new tile.

From choir loft

Protected pews and underlayment for new tile in aisles.

From lectern Epistle

Organ pipes protected

Orgain pipes protected from construction dust.