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St. George's Episcopal Church

Goings On About the Parish...

December 2015

DECEMBER 24TH - Christmas Eve at St. George's. Parishioners, families, friends and neighbors gathered together for a beautiful Midnight Mass and a solemn Silent Night.

J.J. Lighting candals before Mass  Long shot of the church with the lights dimmed during Mass


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20TH - Georgians prepare for Christmas, from ironing to polishing to setting up the creche to hanging of the greens. And, finally, they admire their work!....a job well done.

Debbie & Judy ironing linens  Jeff on ladder with Johnnie below as they clean the chandelier

Amy & Rick preparing the creche  pedistals

Jon, Gene and Jeff decorating the front of the balcony  Alcolytes waitng to begin rehersal


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13th – At 2 o’clock on a brisk, overcast day, A Service of Advent Lessons & Carols took place at St. George’s. The St. Cecilia Choir of St. George’s and The Chancel Choir of First Reformed Church, a total of 30+ voices,  brought together in beautiful sounds for this holy season. Parishioners from both churches filled the pews.

Parishioners singing carols  David Kennison reading

A view of the choir in the balcony  Male chorists in the church isles


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12TH - As part of our Outreach endeavors, parishioners from St. George's signed up for  full day of bell ringing for the Salvation Army at the Price Chopper on Eastern Avenue in Schenectady.

     Jon Pearson and Nancy Angus with the Salvation Army kettle


November 2015

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 29TH - The Right Reverend William H. Love, Bishop of the Diocese of Albany, was Celebrant at St. George's. Between the 9AM and the 11:15AM Masses, parishioners gathered for a brunch and socializing with Bishop Love.

Right Reverend William H. Love, Bishop of the Albany Diocese  Right Reverend William H. Love, Bishop of the Albany Diocese

Bishop Love in food serving line  Grant Jaquith with Bishop Love

Bishop Love talking to Bob Paska  Bishop Love talking to Gene DeLong

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21ST - The 3rd Annual Vestry-sponsored Stewardship Dinner took place in the Great Hall starting at 6:30. Fabulous food was the bill of fare, courtesy of the Vestry and Spouses. Camaraderie was provided by some
60+ parishioners. Music was supplied by Andrew and his Accordion. And a
wonderful time was had by all attendees.

Food servers Louisa Carr and Jane Moran          


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST  - A combined choir of the singers of St. George's and First Reformed churches took place at 4PM at First Reformed Church in Scotia. Andrew Krystopolski (pictured) was primary conductor and guest organist; Rebecca Shepherd conducted two pieces; and Justin Foster was the primary organist. Parishioners from both churches gathered to enjoy the Evensong experience.


October 2015

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18TH - Second Sunday was held on Fourth Sunday this month due to a scheduling conflict. Senior Warden Chris Henry gave an update on the rector's search, and Jeff Wengrovius presided over the 2nd Town Hall meeting, discussing the upcoming Stewardship Campaign. Vestry members provided "savories and sweets" for the usual coffee hour between the 9 and 11:15 AM Masses.

Warden Chris Henry speaking at meeting  Jeff Wengrovius talking about stewardship.  Crowd shot


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 11TH - Her Georgian family helped Susanna Sherwood celebrate her 90th birthday with a delicious brunch between the 9AM and 11:15AM Masses. A tasty time was had by all.

Susanna Sherwood stands aw we sing Hapy Birthday to her.    

September 2015

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27TH - Fr. Charles King has been our supply priest for ten consecutive months, and will return sporadically throughout the coming months. At the 9AM Mass on Sunday, he and his wife Alice were feted with gifts in appreciation for their service to St. George's. His, an engraved silver bowl; hers, a lovely bouquet of flowers. Between the 9AM and 11:15AM Masses, the Vestry hosted a small brunch in their honor. 

Fr. King receiving gift from the parish accompanied by wife Alice to left and Senior Warden Chris Henry  Fr. King holding up chalice given to him by the parish


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH - During the 9AM Mass, St. George's celebrated the Dedication of the Stations of the Cross as painted on wood by Gerri Moore and framed by cabinet maker Gordon Henry, given in memory of the Moore and Henry families. A catered brunch buffet followed. Jim, Gerri and Jimmy Moore posed for pictures at the reception.

Participants in Stations of the Cross dedication.  David Kennison hanging one of the Stations icons.

Reception in the Great Hall after dedication.    Artist Gerri Moore in the center with husband Jim and son Jimmy.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH - It was a twofold meeting between the 9AM and 11:15AM masses: our Second Sunday Adult Forum and our 1st Stewardship Town Hall headed by Jeff Wengrovius, which morphed into a Ministry Fair. Several Georgians discussed Stewardship, Worship/Liturgy, Daily Office, Hospitality/Fellowship, Buildings/Gardens, Book Club, and Communications/Website. There were sign-up sheets for volunteers, Andrew giving a big plug for his amazing St. Cecilia Choir, and tableful of Sweets 'n Savories provided by the Vestry.

Chris Henry - Senior Warden, addresses the congregation  Jeffrey Wengrovious - Stewardship Chairman speaks  James Whitehead - vestryman - speaks  Andrew Krystopolski - church organist dissesed opportunities to participate in our volunteer choir

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH -  Once again, St. George's Church and Café were open for visitors to the Annual Stockade Art Show. Kudos to co-chair Joan Pearson and Kevin Grace for another successful execution of this event that is a money-maker for St. George's as well as a place to refresh body and soul throughout the day.

Jim Wingate and James Whitehead cooking  Food servers working the line  People eating at various tables. Art exhibits on sidewalk behind them.

July 2015

SATURDAY JULY 18TH - A parish picnic was held at the Pearson's camp on Sacandaga Lake in the Town of Lake Pleasant. With questionable weather to start the day we actually had one of the best days of the summer with temperatures in the 80s and lots of sun. Rosemary Pannone brought a 12 year old neighbor (the only child there). DJ had never been in a boat before. He was ecstatic when Jon let him drive the boat and he greatly enjoyed tubing. 

Group photo of picnic attendees.

Bob, Jimmy, Jim, Kevin and Rosemary  Kevin, Rosemary, Jane, Chris, Kali, Jim W., Judith

SUNDAY, JULY 12TH - Second Sunday is our adult forum between the 9 and 11AM Masses. The July meeting was an informative one on our rector search. Senior Warden Chris Henry answered questions from parishioners.


June 2015

FRIDAY, JUNE 5TH & SATURDAY, JUNE 6TH, 2015 - St. George's was represented at the 147th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany at the Camp of the Woods by Chris Henry, Jon Pearson, Jeff Wengrovius, Bob Paska, Fr.Charles King and his wife Alice.

Georgian attendees at the convention  Georgians in Tebbits Hall Camp of the Woods

A view of the stage at convention  Bishop Love (center) presiding

April 2015

SUNDAY, APRIL 26TH - It was a wonderful day at St. George's - with the St. Andrew's Society, the Schenectady Pipe Band, visiting clergy including Retired Bishop Daniel Herzog, a meaningful Mass followed by a parade around the Stockade Area, and ending with a Georgian feast of epic proportions.

Bishop Herzog giving the sermon   St. Andrews Society with their banners  

  St. Andrew's Society marching through the Stockade.  

    Priests giving the dismissal after parade.

Buffet line for lunch  

Bishop Herzog on right

SUNDAY, APRIL 26th - St. George's Music Director Andrew Krystopolski and 7 members of the St. Cecilia Choir performed for the ladies of Heritage Home on Upper Union Street. Afterwards, they interacted with their appreciative audience.

Choir singing to seniors  Choir members talking to residents


SUNDAY, APRIL 5TH - All ages gathered for Easter Sunday. We gave thanks to the Risen Lord, and round of applause for Andrew and his St. Cecilia Choir who performed tirelessly during Holy Week.


SATURDAY, APRIL 4th - On a very windy evening, the First Mass of Easter at 7PM started with "the kindling of the new fire" and the Blessing of the Paschal Candle. Parishioners gathered outside the West Door to view the proceedings.


FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd - Good Friday Mass at 12:30 was a solemn service leading up to the Veneration of the Cross.

Also available at this link is a brief video of the choir singing Adoramus Te Christe by J. A. Perti on Good Friday as posted on Facebook: Adoramus Te Christe

Fr. King in pulpit giving Good Friday Sermon  Acolytes hold Jesus on cross for parishioners to kiss

Parishioner kissing Jesus' feet  

THURSDAY, APRIL 2ND - Maundy Thursday's Mass at 7PM included the washing of the feet and an all-night vigil at the Altar of Repose.

  Foot Washing by priest  

Foot washing  Lady Chapel prepared for The Watch.

March 2015

SUNDAY, MARCH 29TH - Palm Sunday at St. George's began, as usual, in The Great Hall. Following the distribution of palms, parishioners - led by Rev. Canon Charles B. King and his deacon, Rev. Frederick L. Curtis - walked in procession to St. George's Church where the Mass continued, including the reading of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ with both celebrants and congregation.

Congregation seated in the Great Hall

Celebrants led by Rev. Canon Charles B. King center  Rev. Frederick L. Curtis  

MARCH 27, 2015 – A lively Foyer’s Group party was held at the Pearson’s house.  This was a combination of all the foyer’s groups with 30-35 in attendance.  Appetizers and desserts were served. 

The basketball contingent  Chris Henry, Judith Smith with the Tonneaus in the backgroung with Jean Greenspan

MARCH 21, 2015 – Stations of the Cross (10:30AM) following Morning Prayer (10AM) Saturdays in Lent is a wonderful way to prepare your mind and spirit for Holy Week. David Kennison leads this ministry again this year.

Individuals particapating in Stations of the Cross

February 2015

FEBRUARY 2015 - This year's Lenten series, "Questioning Capital Punishment," presented by Kevin Grace, began with the viewing of the movie "Dead Man Walking" on February 19th with ensuing consecutive Thursday evenings of discussion. This film and topic with two distinct controversial viewpoints has resulted in lively dialogue from all participants.

Kevin Grace

January 2015

SUNDAY, JANUARY 25TH - Senior Warden Chris Henry presided over the brief Annual Parish Meeting and vestry elections....which was followed by good fellowship (our supply priests Fr. Charles King and Fr. Michael Webber attended)....and a parish feast of Caesar salad, baked ziti, meatballs, sausage/peppers/onions, and Italian bread.

Vestry sits at "head table" as Chris Henry, Senior Warden, makes announcements.

Rev. Charles King  Parishioners eating lunch with Father Michael Webber and wife Katherine in front