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St. George's Episcopal Church

Goings On About the Parish...

December 2013

As part of the new Children's Forum Competition, the task was to make a Jesse Tree and color all the symbols of the Old and New Testament of people who make up the family tree of Jesus. Three young Georgians completed this project.

Picture of the completed Jesse Tree     3 kids who made the tree

On Sunday, December 22nd after the combined 9AM Mass, Georgians of all ages gathered to prepare St. George's with "The Hanging of the Greens." Decorating our beautiful church each year for the Christmas holidays has become a wonderful communal tradition. Afterwards, there was hot soup and salad for the "workers" in the Great Hall.

Ed, Colton and David dismantle the Advent wreath     Wendy and Christine

Kids prepare the creche     Lots of supervisors for hanging the large wreath on the balcony

Tom, Dave & Jon hang greens along the front pew     Grant sweeps up the pine needles

On  Saturday, December 21st a very special 9AM Mass was celebrated by Fr. Delos Wampler on the occasion of his 60th anniversary to the priesthood. The Lady Chapel was filled to capacity with SRO behind the altar. Fr. Wampler was praised by Fr. Paul, received a most-welcome gift from St. George's, and received warm wishes from those attending.

Father Wampler and Father Paul in the Lady Chapel     

Saturday, December 21st, 2013 - This is your last day to take advantage of all the wonderful bargains at St. George's Consignment Shop. Christmas items, toys, dishes, glassware, collectibles, and so much more! Stop between 10AM and 4PM, and shop till you drop!!!!!!!! Bargains galore in every nook and corner.


Saturday December 7th - St. George's volunteers helped the Salvation Army raise money by ringing bells and manning a kettle at the Price Chopper on Eastern Parkway in Schenectady. In this photo you see Joseph, Chloe and Dawn Tonneau.

3 Georgian's ringing Salvation Army bells.


November 2013

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23rd - For the 2nd consecutive year, St. George's float won 1st place ($500) in The Gazette Holiday Parade. This year's entry was "The Spirit of St. Louis" for the parade's Roaring Twenties theme. Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed their "time and talent"....and braved the cold, blustery evening....for this award.

Picture of parade float


Sunday, NOVEMBER 24, 2013 – Between the 9:00 am Mass and the 11:15 am Mass, Fr. Paul Blanch allowed David Kennison to take him up in the man lift to bless the newly completed/restored steeple.  Pictures show the ascent and gathered parishioners as the dedication was conducted on a very cold and windy November day. 

Fr. Paul Blanch and David Kennison start up the man lift.     Steeple top

David Kennison and Fr. Paul Blanch on their way up to bless the steeple.     

     Choir singing during dedication

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17th - After a combined 10AM Mass, Commitment Sunday continued in the Great Hall. Parishioners walked through the labyrinth and turned in their pledge cards, which was followed by a sumptuous Biblical feast prepared and served by the Vestry. Another outstanding Stewardship Campaign headed by Alice Polumbo.

     Walking through the maze

At the end of the maze - entering pledge card in basket     vestry members served historic foods from the bible


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND - Italian Night at St. George's! Our Great Hall was all decked out for the festivities. Raffle tickets were sold for a Toshiba 50" LED TV (drawing on December 8th) as well as a 50/50 raffle (drawn that evening.)  Great Italian food prepared by Chef Kevin and Company, and a good time was had by all attendees. Proceeds will benefit the Organ Restoration Fund.

Setup for dinner in the Great Hall     TV to be raffled off

Jeff Wengrovious and Sue Hartz     Jon & Joan Pearson in foreground, Dennis and Marilyn Warner in background

Paul Nooney and Kimberly Furnish     Jane and Bob Moran with Father Blanch in the middle


October 2013

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2013....a Pancake Breakfast to benefit the Organ Fund at St. George's was a tasty success between the 9:00 and 11:15 mass.
Pancakes, scrambled eggs, choice of sausage or bacon, juice and coffee....all prepared by Chef Kevin and his hard-working kitchen crew.

Nancy and Johnnie Angus and Jeff Wengrovious     Father Wampler     Jim Wingate and Ann Duff


September 2013

SETPEMBER 26TH, 2013 - Confirmation Day at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Syracuse. Fr. Paul sponsored 8 from St. George's: James Williams, Colton Jaquith, Isabelle Jaquith, Alan James Whitehead, Joshua Whitehead, Samuel Whitehead, Sunday Whiteman, and Samantha Whiteman.

Confirmation group picture.


SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th - "Back to Church Sunday" was a gathering of parishioners, family, friends and neighbors of St. George's for one combined Sung Mass at 10AM....followed by a Parish BBQ and Picnic. A good time was had by all!!!!!!!

Grills set up in the parking lot.     




SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH - The Annual Stockade Art Show is a community event like no other! On St. George's campus, there were food sales, fun and fellowship. In St. George's church, visitors were treated to concerts with guest organists and informative church tours by a knowledgeable parish docent.

Wide angle shot St George's cafe on church grounds.     Cooks and food distribution area.

     Dave Kennison conducting a tour of the church.


August 2013

Latest picture from the steeple project….Dave Knox, an expert steeplejack with 38 years of experience, in a bosons chair on the steeple. His company, Advanced Construction & Steeplejacks (from Red Hook) has been hired to do the major part of the work.

Dave Knox


July 2013

Work has begun in earnest on the badly-needed Steeple repairs. From a man lift parked near the front doors (necessitating entering St. George's from the north side door for mass) to the daily manpower (both hired professionals and volunteer parishioners), our campus is a beehive of activity preparing our grounds for the project and the renovation. $25,000 of the money is a grant from the New York Landmarks Conservancy's Sacred Sites; the remaining $$$$$ is from the generosity of Georgians' who want to keep their historic church in safe and pristine shape.

    Man lift being set up     Man Lift on high by steeple

Rot at the peak of the steeple     Cock from the top of steeple

More rot at the top     While you have a lift, take down some branches!

Who said Dave Kennison could operate the lift?     

Cutting tree branches.


June 2013

 The Rose Arbor on St. George's campus is alive and healthy, and beautiful!

Rose Arbor at St. George's


May 2013

Sunday, May 12th - The Patronal Festival of St. George's took place at a combined 10AM Mass with all the pomp and circumstance everyone has come to expect. From the Presentation of the Tartans with the St. Andrew's Society to the gala parade around the Stockade Area with the Schenectady Pipe Band, acolytes, choir, congregation, guests and clergy....even a partly cloudy, windy day couldn't dampen the spirits of the participants. Rector Fr. Paul Blanch co-celebrated with Fr. Charles King, a past member of St. George's. 


Bagpipers     Procession around Stockade

Pipers     Standing in formation after parade with banners and pipe band

Final proclamation at end of Mass and parade.

April 2013

Matthew Fox, invited to the Capital District from his home base of Oakland, California by the Capital Region Theological Center, spoke at St. George’s on April 20, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  A very dynamic speaker and a prolific writer, he energized over 100 people from various churches in the Greater Capital District with his program “Occupy Christianity:  A New Reformation”. 

Matthew Fox speaking.     Harpest played tunes composed by Saint Hildegard of Bingen, topic of Matthew Fox's latest book.

Matthew Fox making sure his audience is still awake at 2:30 p.m.


SUNDAY, APRIL 14th - St. George's Annual Easter Egg Hunt took place between the 9 and 11:15 AM masses. Participants were Ava, Trevor and Liam Weakley, Samantha Whiteman, and Isaac Furnish. Ava and Trevor won the Hallelujah and Golden Eggs, respectively. Afterwards, the children gathered in the Great Hall to receive their prizes from Christian Education teacher Barbara Wengrovius with an assist from Christian Education aides Connie and Kathleen Todt.

Kids searching for eggs in the Memorial Garden     Kids showing off the eggs they found.

Back in the Great Hall


April 6, 2013 - 10-3PM - artisan Jim Williams (Gem on Wire LLC) is resident artist of The Shop (newly renovated, newly reopened) at St. George's Episcopal Church in the Stockade Area of Schenectady. Shop manager Rosemary Pannone admired one piece of many in this lovely collection of precious and semi-precious stones in wire-wrapped jewelry. Both ready-made and custom-order jewelry are available. Check the Calendar Page of St. George's website for open days and hours.

Jim Williams and Rosemary Pannone in The Shop

March 2013

Sunday, March 31st - Easter Sunday, the Festal Mass of Easter Day, included the Procession to the Font and the Collect for All Baptized Christians.

Procession at beginning of Easter service     Procession

Station at the Baptismal Font


Saturday, March 30th - Holy Saturday, aka The First Mass of Easter, started at 8PM with the Kindling of the New Fire at the west doors of St. George's.

Preparing to light the Paschal Candle from the New Fire     Preparing to light the Paschal Candle from the New Fire


Friday, March 29th - Good Friday. The 12:30pm Liturgy of the Passion with the Veneration of the Cross is a powerful time of Holy Week. One picture is worth a thousand words. Erika Pelletier narrated the Good Friday Passion.

Fr. Stephen Ryan carries the Cross     Fr. Stephen Ryan holds the Cross as we begin the Veneration of the Cross

Kissing Jesus' feet     Kissing Jesus' feet

     Acolytes holding the Cross


Thursday, March 28th - Maundy Thursday. Mass began at 7:30PM and included the washing of the feet, and the stripping of the altars while Psalm 22 was read by Jon Pearson. This was followed by the solemn all-night Watch at the Altar of Repose.

Priests & Deacons     Wash stand with water and towels for foot washing.     Foot washing

Jon Pearson reading Psalm 22 during stipping of the altar.     The Altar of Repose is set for the overnight Watch


Sunday, March 24th - The congregation gathered in the Great Hall on Palm Sunday for the Liturgy of the Palms. Small crosses made from palm fronds were then distributed and blessed, which was followed by the Procession into the Parish Church for continuation of the mass and the reading of the Palm Sunday Passion Gospel by clergy and various members of the parish.

Parishioners gather in Great Hall before service starts.

Stan Craig holds up his cross made from palm fronds    David Kennison leads the procession into church 

Diane Nemir-Reed does the reading     Joan Pearson reads The Passion of Lord Jesus Christ      

March 17, 2013 - St. Patrick's Day at St. George's Church was a composite of a hard-working kitchen crew, a corned beef & cabbage dinner with all the trimmings (tossed salad, rye bread, potatoes, carrots, brownies, Kevin's Irish soda bread), socializing, and a raffle. Whether you were in costume or not, the wearin' of the green filled the Great Hall with delicious fun for all!

Kitchen crew     Additional kitchen crew  

   Diners     Additional diners


February 2013

February 10, 2013 - Mardis Gras! St. Georges had a real party on the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday as we celebrated Mardis Gras. Jeff Wengrovious played ragtime music on the piano, followed by Andy K and the Jazz All-Stars. Real Cajun food was prepared by our dedicated volunteers, and for $10 people got all they could eat, and dancing too!

The kids had a great time     The Blanch's and their guest from England

Stan & Pattye Craig     Our chief chef Kevin Grace     Dancing all night long!!


February 3, 2013 - Parishioners gathered between the 9 and 11:15AM Masses to celebrate a very special day, the 90th birthday of our associate priest, Fr. Delos Wampler. A scrumptious pot luck brunch was blessed by rector, Fr. Paul Blanch. The celebration included a birthday cake, cards and gifts.
Chris Henry's first official duty as Senior Warden was to present Fr. Wampler with something from the Vestry - various gift cards to his favorite restaurants.

Group of parishioners facing Fr. Wampler     Fr. Paul Blanch

Fr. Delos Wampler     Chris Henry and Fr. Wampler


January 2013

Sunday, January 27 - The Annual Parish Meeting of St. George's took place after a combined 10AM Mass. After a wonderful lasagna meal (with all the
trimmings) prepared by chef extraordinaire Kevin Grace, the formal business agenda was held. Fr. Paul honored David Kennison, who is "retiring" after 3 terms as senior warden, and Bob Paska, who resigned as financial secretary after 10 years of volunteer service in this ministry. It was a day to "break bread" together and be brought "up to date" on happenings within our parish.





Saturday, January 26th - St. George's NOT OUR USUAL TAG SALE took place in two rooms on the 2nd level of the Great Hall (picture 1) as well as in the Consignment Shop (pictures 2 & 3.) Open from 9AM to 2PM, prices were slashed to the bone and lucky shoppers brought home bags full of bargains!
The combined rooms and shop will be open one Saturday a month until June.
Check the Daily Gazette for dates.