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St. George's Episcopal Church

Goings On About the Parish...

December 2012

After our final Advent service on December 23, 2012, a large contingent of parishioners joined together to decorate the church for Christmas.  One of the highlights was the usage of new crèche figures purchased within the past year. 

Creche under construction     New creche figures

New balcony look.     Louis & Judy decorating the altar

Too many hands for the task?

Sunday, December 16th....After Bishop William Love celebrated a combined 10AM Mass at St. George's, he and Fr. Paul Blanch greeted parishioners at the west doors of the church....then went across campus to our Great Hall for a sumptuous appetizer and dessert buffet....and, of course, socializing.

Bishop Love and Father Blanch greeting parishioners as they leave church     Bishop Love and Father Blanch greeting parishioners

Bishop Love and Father Blanch in the Great Hall for reception     Bishop Love talking to Kathleen and Connie Todt

Martha Smith talking to Bishop Love


November 2012

Friday, November 16th - POLISH NIGHT in the Great Hall at St. George's:
lively Polka music; authentic food from The Polish Kitchen (Golabki....stuffed cabbage. Pierogies....Polish dumplings.
Kielbasa....Polish sausage. Kapusta....sauerkraut.) An auction, 50/50 drawing and great socializing were part of the festivities. All proceeds benefit the Pipe Organ Renovation Fund.

Andrew Krystopolski and his band     Kevin Grace cooking up a storm

Kimberly and Michelle running the kitchen     Joan serving up dessert

Gene & Judy enjoying the night out     Louisa, ??, Gerald, Suzanne, Jon playing in an air band

A busy place with dancers and diners


October 2012

Sunday, October 21st - St. George's FALL POTATO FESTIVAL, featuring "the ultimate baked potato bar," was a tasty time for Georgians and friends....with two chocolate fountains providing dessert at the end of the meal. The cost was $10/person....proceeds benefitted the organ fund....and from the looks of these happy faces, a good eating time was had by all!

Food line - getting potatos     Jon Pearson with his potato dinner

Mike & Pauline Bishop     Jeff Wengrovious

Michelle Whitehead and Louis Bannister     Judith Smith & Kimberly Furnish     


Sunday, October 7th - "We thank you for giving us these pets who bring us joy." Parishioners, neighbors, friends and pets gathered at the west wing of St. George's Church at 3Pm on St. Francis Day for the 3rd Annual BLESSING OF THE PETS. The 20-minute worship service brought together (30) humans,  (18) dogs, (3) cats, (1) snake and  (2) stuffed toys. Appropriate liturgy, sermonand hymns were part of the program.





September 2012

September 23rd - Our Ministry Fair in the Great Hall is an annual event bringing Georgians of all ages together for the opportunity to (a) sign up for various ministries, (b) partake of a small brunch, this year provided by
Louis Bannister and friends, and (c) fellowship.  

Discussion of activities to sign up for.     Mark, Isaac & Johnnie

Judy     Food table

Kevin & David     Broad shot of group


September 23rd - A very special time after the 9AM Mass: the dedication of our cast iron fence by Fr. Paul. The restoration was funded by the Krings family in loving memory of Fred and Virginia Krings.

Picture in front of church as the fence was dedicated     Fr. Blanch reading dedication


September 21st-22nd - The 2nd Annual Choir Retreat at Lake Luzerne was a jam-packed overnight of socializing, eating, praying, and participating together in a vocal workshop with instructor Stephanie Tennill. From steak to s'more - and so much more - it was an exhilarating time for members of the choir.

Outdoor music practice     Choir practice

Gathered on the deck by river     Cooking marshmallows


September 22nd - a Chamber Music Concert was held at St. George's with Elizabeth MacFarland on the piano, Paula Shaw on the violin, Cathie-Jo Brun on the Cello and Laura Bulatao on the flute.

Group picture of musicians.     Action shot during concert


September 16th - Some 20 + Georgians drove to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville for an interesting tour of this Russian orthodox community.
Parishioners from Christ Church in Cooperstown joined us. We saw the church, the bookstore, the print shop and the icon studio. Afterwards, we celebrated Evensong at the Chapel of the Good Shepherd in Cullen with Fr. John Bartle.Our day ended with dinner at The Lakehouse on Canadarago Lake.

Outdoor shot of Trinity Monastery     Unknown monk

Distant shot of Trinity Monastery     

Group gathered for presentation     

     Lake House Restaurant



September 15th - A fun-filled evening of socializing, silent auction, good food, entertainment, and tribute to organist extraordinaire  Don Ingram was held at the Stockade Inn to benefit St. George's organ refurbishment fund. Did we have a good time? What do you think?!!!!!

Louis by flower arrangement with organ parts.     Barb and Aileen looking at silent auction items.

Shirley, Peter and Barb     Karen, Joyce and Peter

The Todt family, Fr. Wampler and Lynn     Shot of the banquet room

Don Ingram accepting award, Kevin Krystopolski and Fr. Paul Blanch


July 2012

Saturday, July 21st....a Georgian get-together at Joan and Jon Pearson's camp on Sacandaga Lake in the town of Lake Pleasant, was hosted by the Foyer's Dinner group. A good time was had by all, as evident by these pictures. The day was warm and sunny. The food and drink were plentiful. The socializing was "as good as it gets".

Johnnie Angus and Keith Nelson   Jon Pearson

On the water     Nancy Angus and Karen Forshaw

Group shot of all attendees

September 2012

Saturday, September 9th....the Stockade Art Show was an event not-to-be-missed, especially on St. George's campus. The consignment shop was open....approximately $1400 worth of food was sold....and over 320 people were treated to organ concerts by guest organists including St. George's music director, Andrew Krystopolski. Kudos to Joan Pearson and all of the cooks, servers, cashiers  and hard-working cleaning crew who got everything in tip-top shape for Sunday services.

General picture of activity     Dragon's Den Shop was open

Rosemary Pannone     Cooks Peter Braun, Mike Thiessen and Jim Wingate being supervised by Gerald Cooper

Ava with fried dough     Mike Thiessen and Jim Wingate

Andrew Krystopolski at the organ


June 2012

St. George’s celebrated The Feast of SS Peter & Paul, as well as the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of Reverend Paul Frederick Blanch to the Sacred Ministry, on Friday June 29th.  Concelebrants with Father Blanch, Rector were Mother Lisa Schoonmaker, Canon Delos Wampler, and Father Keith Scott.  We also enjoyed music with the visiting New York Catholic Chorale as they worked with The St. Cecilia Choir of St. George’s Church. 

Alice Polumbo - lector     Mother Lisa Schoonmaker

Rev Stanley Craig     Maggie Blanch - lector

Reverend Paul F. Blanch


A very special visiting choir sang at our two Masses on June 24th: the Youth Choir (ages 15-17) from First Presbyterian Church in Caldwell, NJ. Together with their parishioner guest hosts, like the Nelson's, they enjoyed a picnic at Collins Park in Scotia on Saturday. On Sunday, they rehearsed and performed, and St. George's was filled with the most beautiful music, bell ringing and joyous voices imaginable.





At the end of the 9AM Mass on Sunday, June 17th....Georgians processed out to the Memorial Garden for the dedication and blessing of a tree planted in memory of former parishioner B. Cullen Burris.

Processing around corner of church     Fr. Paul reading the blessing.     Fr. Paul with the new tree.

The Feast of Corpus Christi was celebrated on Sunday, June 10th at St. George's.  Our 10AM Mass ended with a procession around the church; incense; scattering of rose pedals; Adoration and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament; and ended with the Monstrance placed back on the Altar.



Kudos to our volunteer choir (Judi Smith, Kali Rose Moran, Wendy Madelone, Joan Pearson (the lone alto), Sue Hartz, Jeff Wengrovius, Bob Moran, Gene DeLong (45-year member), Bob Paska) who were given choir pins by music director Andrew turn, Judi Smith represented the choir in presenting Andrew with a Macy's gift certificate. A wonderful collaboration of music!

Fr. Paul and Choir Director Andrew Krystopolski


May 2012

Every year, Schenectady Heritage Foundation honors a select group of Schenectady County owners for their preservation of historic properties. At a ceremony on May 24th at City Hall, St. George's Church was recipient of one of five 2012 Preservation Awards from Mayor Gary R. McCarthy in recognition of the restoration of our wrought iron fence. In addition to several Vestry members and church leaders, in attendance were junior warden Rick Forshaw, rector Fr. Paul Blanch, Mark and Alicia Krings Ferri (the fence restoration was underwritten in memory of Alicia's parents, Fred and Virginia Krings), and senior warden David Kennison.

Heritage Foundation Plaque     


Friday night, May 18th, was ITALIAN NIGHT (Festa di San Georgio) at St. George's. The homemade menu included: eggplant parmesan, baked ziti, meat balls, sauce, salad, and tiramisu cake. It was lots of planning and preparation, good food, raffles, music (Andrew on the concertina), and fun for benefit the organ refurbishment fund.




April 2012

Fr. Paul welcomed his flock from St. George's Episcopal Church in Schenectady to the St. George Orthodox Church (Holy Orthodox Christian Church of Antioch) in Albany on Monday, April 23rd. Christian Ritter was cantor for the mass which was celebrated by Fr. Gregory-Francis DesMarais. This was followed by a talk on Orthodoxy and icons, then we were led into the church lounge for a humongous Lebanese buffet prepared by the women of the congregation.




April 22, 2012 - St. George's Day (The Solemnity of the Martyrdom of Saint George) began with Fr. Paul and the opening Procession, the Presentation of the Tartans happened during the mass, and an ending Procession through the church was headed by the Schenectady Pipe Band that went outside and around the Stockade Area. Those parading included the St. Andrew's Society, choir members, acolytes, clergy, and congregation. A closing prayer at the West Doors ended the formal festivities.






Easter Sunday Mass began with the Procession of Choir, Acolytes, Deacons and Priests to the hymn "Welcome Happy Morning Age to Age Shall Say" and ended with the joyous hymn "Jesus Christ Is Risen Today." 



On Holy Saturday, Georgians gathered outside the West Doors where the new fire was kindled and the ceremony included the Blessing of the Paschal Candle and the Procession with individual lighted candles into the church for the continuance of the Mass.




Fifty-six people attended The Liturgy of Our Lord's Passion and Death on Good Friday and participated in the Veneration of the Cross (passing in front of the Cross, genuflecting, and devoutly kissing the feet of the
Crucified.) Music Director/organist Andrew Krystopolski and soprano Kali Rose Moran provided the accompanying hymns from the choir loft.    



Maundy Thursday's solemn evening mass included "the washing of the feet" of12 volunteers (representing the 12 apostles) by Fr. Paul, as an act of humble service. The mass ended, and the Vigil began in the Lady Chapel with volunteers keeping a silent watch throughout the night. Palm Sunday at St. George's began in the Great Hall with distribution of palms and opening prayers by Fr. Paul, followed by parishioners' procession led by the St. Cecilia's Choir - into the church for the remainder of the mass.



Palm Sunday at St. George's began in the Great Hall with distribution of palms and opening prayers by Fr. Paul, followed by parishioners' procession led by the St. Cecilia's Choir - into the church for the remainder of the mass.




March 2012

On Sunday, March 25th, Bishop Skip Adams of Central New York was celebrant and preacher at St. George's. The combined 10AM Mass was followed by a "bring and share" lunch and informative Q&A session. Bishop Skip is our new pastoral advisor under the provision of DEPO (Delegated Episcopal Pastoral

Oversight) as approved by Bishop William Love of the Albany Diocese.




Bargain-hunters galore at the White Dragon tag sale (March 23rd-24th) at St.
George's. Two days of hard work, fun, and sales. The event realized over
$2,000 - selling everything from costume jewelry to a $200 SONY 42" rear projection TV. A lucrative bake sale benefited  the St. Nicholas Youth Choir. And, Fr. Paul stopped by to show off his shaved head in support of St. Baldrick's children's cancer charity.
Apparently, tag sale volunteers approved of his new 'do.




On March 28th, Georgians attended Calvary Tabernacle of the Assemblies of God, on Albany Street, in Schenectady. Following praise music was bible study with Pastor Noel Cromhout, and a Q&A session. The evening ended with coffee/tea in the church lounge.



Georgians celebrated St. Patrick's day with a corned beef and cabbage dinner that was open to the public as a fundraiser for the church organ refurbishment. Food, refreshments, an Irish soda bread bake sale, raffle, entertainment and socializing. Did we have a good time? What do  you think...........................




On March 21st, 19 Georgians attended Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church on Nott Terrace in Schenectady. After Compline and a brief tour of the church, senior pastor Rev. Shawn Dugan spoke on the German background of Lutheranism and founder Martin Luther. This was followed by an informative Q&A.




On March 14th, Georgians attended the regular Wednesday meeting (7:30-8:30) of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, on Union Street in Schenectady.
Jeanne Place (pictured) was the reader and  Jeffrey Emptage, the organist.
Included were testimonies on Christian Science by Christian Scientists, followed by a 1/2 hour lesson on the history and founder of the church.
There was Q&A time....and the evening ended deliciously with refreshments and fellowship in the church foyer.




St. George's Wednesday Lenten Course Program is: "How the Other Half Worships."  The 2nd session (the 1st was cancelled due to a snowstorm) was held on March 8th with guests from the Schenectady Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) speaking at St. George's Church about the Quaker faith.

Pictured:  Fr. Paul introducing our guests, Georgians enjoying the talks by Anita and Tim, and informal discussions following the formal presentations.




February 2012

Mardi Gras came to the Great Hall at St. George's Church on Sunday, February 19th with conversation and costumes, "live" music for dancing, a raffle, Chef Kevin's  authentic New Orleans-style food, and fun galore.

Georgians, friends and family,  enjoyed the event....the proceeds of which will go towards refurbishment of the church organ.




January 2012

The Annual Parish Meeting took place on Sunday, January 29th in the Great Hall. A lasagna buffet with all the trimmings (thanks, Kevin!) was followed by the business meeting, elections, reports, discussions and good, old-fashioned socializing. A great time was had by all.