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Assisted Care Ministry

Fr. Stromberg blessing the residents   Choir in front of residents at nursing home


St. George's Assisted Care Ministry

Music Therapy as Outreach

This is where Music and Outreach meet.  This active ministry meets four times a month at a different Nursing Care Center to lead an Afternoon Prayer Service for the residents who otherwise cannot get to church.  The service is celebrated from the Book of Common Prayer Noonday Office and is completely lay led.   When a priest is available, the Holy Eucharist is celebrated.  Our service is unique in that we incorporate music through the singing of hymns, psalms, and responses.  Countless studies in music therapy journals have proven music to be a necessary and essential tool in caring for the elderly or those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  The singing of familiar hymns brings joy, memories, and comfort to those residents who partake in the service.   Our lay ministers see this as an extension of our own congregation and often meet former members of St. George’s from days gone by.